Notes To Parent

Notes To Parent

Parents are requested to

  1. Go through this diary daily when the child comes back and read the instructions given by his/her teacher.
  2. Do not write in your own words copies only help and guide them.
  3. Help the child in his/her homework.
  4. If anything is missing inform the school the very next day.
  5. If the student is ill inform the school or send an application.
  6. You are requested not to meet any of the teachers during their study period. Only the principle /headmistress/ in charge will be available during the study period.
  7. If a student misbehaves of violates the rules of the school, the management holds the right to suspend after 3 warning.
  8. Provide WhatsApp number special in check information and homework in WhatsApp class group.

Expectations from students

  1. Shoes should be clean and polished every day.
  2. No student should come to school with the mehndi tattoos Kajal and long nails on nail paints eye makeup.
  3. students who are absent without prior sanction for more than a week and liable to have their name struck off from the school rolls
  4. Home assignments are to be done regularly and systematically and submitted on time.
  5. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the signature of parents on notes in the Campion answer copies unit test midterms exam copies.
  6. Circulars given from time to time should be read carefully both by the student and the parents.
  7. abusive language is totally Pro habitat Guidelines for parents

Guidelines for parents

  1. Check the haircut, uniform and punctuality of your ward in the morning check your wards diary daily. Do sign the remark if any task necessary action.
  2. see that you are ward carries book according to the time table no extra books are allowed
  3. Encourage your ward to take a balance interest in studies co- curricular activities and sports.
  4. It is mandatory for both the parents to attend the Ptm of their wards.
  5. See that he/she is prepared for the unit tests and examinations.
  6. Your ward should be instructed to be careful about his/her things there should be a name tag on sweater there are also not allowed to wear jewellery to school.
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