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Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Public school is a symbol of progressive and quality education. Our Moto study without burden captures the essence of our spirit in our school children will get atmosphere for all round development in academic and co curricular activities. academic excellence is a need of our Institution and we cannot deny the fact that it can only be achieved through continuous practice and creative thinking.
By working together as parents and educators we can build a foundation for lifelong learning. the responsibility of schools lies in their commitment of facilities for each child to realize his/her divine potential and groom them as confident citizens for the nation the schools endeavor is to make learning an important resource for the children.

Social behavior and personality this also helps them in their path to accomplish their objectives through values-based ideas and principles a sharp eye for observation and a sharp scale to Pen down the observation and feeling develop the emotional bond between teachers and students.
Education should extend beyond the classroom to involve students in experimental learning placing significant emphasis on developing leadership and communication skills in students
I firmly believe that is school in a place in which all children grow not just in size and knowledge but also in curiosity, courage confidence Independence resourcefulness patients competence and understanding the child's mind is a fresh and and untapped but ready to explore adapt to an absorb the greatest lesson of mankind the art of being himself Our school tries to given an appropriate atmosphere in creating to all round development of the children our aim importantly is to make education a fun filled enjoyable innovative learning and growing experience on the solid foundation of values.

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Acharya Vidyasagar Public school

Our vision is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate & value knowledge and skills that will support them, as lifeā€“long learners, to the global world & practice the core value of the school: honesty, loyalty, compassion, perseverance, integrity & excellence.

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