Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation

  1. Parents or outsider should not visit the classes or meet the teachers of students during school hours without prior permission of the principal they should come during the visiting hours only.
  2. Students should not remain absent from school without permission. if a student remains absent for more than 10 days without permission his/her name is likely to be struck off from the rolls and Re admission will be at the discretion of the principal.
  3. In case parents wish to withdraw their child from the school one month notice must be given or due one quarters fees must be deposited.
  4. If the child is absent on leave it will be the responsibility of the parents/students to make up for the course.
  5. Ensure that child does the homework/assignment regularly and thoroughly and does all the corrections and remedial exercise as suggested by the teacher.
  6. The student performance should be regularly monitored by the parents who should contact and co-operate with the teachers for the child's progress.
  7. The school will not be responsible and liable for any type of injury, damage or loss to the word during any activity of the school sports while travelling in the bus.
  8. students should respect the school and everything there in they should not damage the school property commit any unhygienic or objectionable act any of this nature will be viewed seriously.

  1. School uniform is compulsory for all the children parents are requested to see that their child is neat and tidy.
  2. Students must be careful about their books and stationery.
  3. Students will not be allowed to leave school premises without the permission of the principal.
  4. Student shall not wear any jewelry or apply nail polish when they come to school.
  5. All students shall bring the school diary every day.
  6. Classroom and furniture must be kept in neat and tidy.
  7. no student should write anything on the walls or on the windows/BENCH/desk
  8. Lights and Fan should be switch of when students leave their classroom.
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MANAGER'S OFFICE : 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 pm.
PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE : 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 pm.
Nursery & K.G. : 09.30 am to 01.15 pm Class I-IX : 08.25 am to 02.15 pm Climate changes, exams and Periodic Assessment changes may effect the above given shedules which will be updated in time to time..
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